Posted by Jayne Barry on 31 March 2017

I'm afraid I have neglected my blogging of late, it's just been so busy with little people of all sizes.

Little baby A was only one of the many children I photographed this winter who tugged at my heart strings.

(In my studio specifically designed for newborn sessions, here in Kinsale Co Cork)

I tend to fall in love a little with every child that walk, crawls or is carried through my doors :-)


Posted by Jayne Barry on 17 June 2016

We made a guess at what colour ribbon to use in this maternity session and it turned out to have been the right choice :-)

Little Fionn arrived two days ago and I can't wait to get my hands on him.

His Mum is beautiful both inside and out.


And a bit of fun.


Posted by Jayne Barry on 16 March 2016

I am getting to know this family (I did this little one's older brother a couple of years ago) and they are so lovely.

Granny came too as this is the first granddaughter after several grandsons.


Posted by Jayne Barry on 03 November 2015

Mr H and his beautiful parents came to the studio a couple of weeks ago.

They wouldn't let me keep him :-)


Posted by Jayne Barry on 19 June 2015

Just a quick peek at this bundle of cuteness. Slept the whole time, bless him <3