Posted by Jayne Barry on 31 March 2017

I'm afraid I have neglected my blogging of late, it's just been so busy with little people of all sizes.

Little baby A was only one of the many children I photographed this winter who tugged at my heart strings.

(In my studio specifically designed for newborn sessions, here in Kinsale Co Cork)

I tend to fall in love a little with every child that walk, crawls or is carried through my doors :-)


Posted by Jayne Barry on 16 March 2016

I am getting to know this family (I did this little one's older brother a couple of years ago) and they are so lovely.

Granny came too as this is the first granddaughter after several grandsons.


Posted by Jayne Barry on 03 March 2016

Remember that head of hair?

Well, a few weeks on and it only gets better. She is going to be some little beauty :-)


Posted by Jayne Barry on 18 February 2016

That hair...........

I have known this little girl's Mum since she was a teenager and managed to get my hands on Jessica for 5 minutes at a party.

I took her to a bedroom, took the duvet off the bed and photographed her on the floor as near to a large window as I could get her.

You gotta do what you gotta do :-)





Posted by Jayne Barry on 03 November 2015

Mr H and his beautiful parents came to the studio a couple of weeks ago.

They wouldn't let me keep him :-)


Posted by Jayne Barry on 19 June 2015

Just a quick peek at this bundle of cuteness. Slept the whole time, bless him <3